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Lavender & Flax Seed Eye Pillows
Lavender & Flax Seed Eye Pillow

Rest your eyes and your mind as you calmly block out distractions with our eye pillow. The weight of the flax seeds applies a light pressure, reducing puffiness while the soothing scent of the lavender flowers transports you to a more relaxing place. A perfect replacement to the office coffee break, or great at night to help the transition between daily thoughts and nighttime dreams. Fabric will vary from the above photo.

May be slightly heated in the microwave (try 10 seconds at a time) or placed in the freezer. Do not overheat.

Size - 3.5" x 11" in assorted colors and patterns | Contents: Flaxseed and Lavender buds

$10.00 - (assorted colors and patterns)

Photo by J. Eckard Photography


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