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Japanese Grapefruit Soap
Japanese Grapefruit Soap
Bright and fresh yuzu, an Asian citrus, refreshes your skin and wakes up your mind!
Bamboo Bath Towelette
Bamboo Bath Towelette
Super soft, naturally anti-bacterial, and funky fabrics are what people like about these washcloths
Week O' Soap Sampler Pack
Week O' Soap Sampler Pack
Seven soaps and seven scents for seven days


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   Peppermint Tea Tree Foot Soak

Relax your feet in a hot tub. Our Peppermint Tea Tree Foot Soak helps soothe aching feet and softens your skin. We've added tea tree essential oil to help deodorize and peppermint essential oil to reduce pain in your hard-working feet.

Q. What's so special about salt? A. Salt naturally detoxifies your skin as it draws out toxins from your body. Salt also helps increase circulation, reduces fluid retention and has antiseptic properties. The different salts we use in our foot soak like Himalayan and Dead Sea salts, contain different minerals which are beneficial to your skin.

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